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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Black is back

Coffee doesn't have to be an excuse either.

Although it should be gross, us coffee addicts have come to precieve its qualities as delightful and necessary to be normal. Some of us can't make sense of the day without it. It becomes not just part of our consumption, but part of our daily activities that come to define what we are about.

Obviously I am speaking as an addict! So my dearest addicts do NOT attempt to give this up while making other lifestyle changes. Just tweek it a bit and go BLACK. It's like a smoker changing to electronic ciggs. They still get the drug and the puff, it just tastes different. So again, go BLACk with your coffee you will still get the caffine and the activity of going to your daily coffee joint, it will just taste different and it only takes about 5 days to get accustomed to it.

Also be on alert...I used to drink the fancy coffees like white chocolate mocha until Starbucks started posting calories. The bloody thing was over 700 cals. That's my flipping whole day on a SIP of coffee. It's ridiculous.
So just be aware. This also included hot chocolate drinkers okay. Watch out.

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