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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The days end

Success, yes a successful day!

I thank God for the motivation and strength I had to end this day without a single mishap.

I suddenly realize how much dedication it is to become, be, and stay a skinny chic. Frankly I empathize with the skinny chics out there, because it's not easy to say no to yourself a thousand times in a day. I myself am drained from it.

There's another factor in the mental challenge of making choices that are good for me. That factor has to do with the relationships and people I have been surrounded by. I am grateful now to be free to have my friends and family that give me the delicate but tough realizations that are needed for me to go forward and live life as a skinny chic, or rather just a healthy good looking broad! It's really not okay to be uncomfortable with yourself and forget how beautiful you are just because there is so much more covering up all the good stuff!

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