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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food diary

I will be posting everything I eat, drink, and all of the activities I do within this blog.

So on January 13, 2012 when I have my IT's OFFICIAL PARTY at Cobras and Matadors and this skinny chic has been released anyone who wants to get there can see for themselves exactly what I did, and not just in theory from a book or program.

So here is what today looked like for a skinny chic:

I prepared the chicken posted in the picture earlier today this morning; enough for all my meals for the day. I ate about 3 ounces of the chicken, and about 4 of the brussel sprouts 4 times today with greens in the first meal. I actually skipped breakfast today. I had coffee, vitamin water, plain water only. About an hour ago I drank a fiber mix. Thats it. Plain. Boring. Repetitive, but no temptations and thus no excuses.

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