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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So far today ....

I drank water, black coffee, and vitamin water zero.

I ate freshly prepared brussel sprouts with boneless skinless thin sliced chicken breast prepared in garlic,tomatoes,blk pepper, hot sauce, lemon peel, squeezed lemon.

Then I microwave steamed 3 collard green leaves for 90 seconds and wrapped them around the chicken, which made it great finger food. I held it like the sandwich I wish it was and chowed down.

Not bad actually.

So what can be said about the day so far? I AM ON let's hope the trend continues....for a few months, because that's what I will need to be one of the skinny chics! For now, we can all continue to just enjoy looking at those types of broads! Who doesn't love looking at a skinny chic and thinking random thoughts like....does she eat?

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