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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breakfast Challenge

My challenge this week is to start eating earlier. Apparantely breakfast is extremely important to the metabolic functions and is superior to eating any other time of day. Which makes sense, of course.

This morning however...and last, I find trouble taking my first bite. I certainly don't want to ruin the day, and I just know whatever food hits my pallet first, well that will be how the rest of the day goes, or progressively worse.

This is what occurs when I eat breakfast:

If I eat well at breakfast, then lunch comes and I feel good I am really conscious about my food intake so conscious that I might skip it if there isn't any convenient options, then dinner comes and I feel like wow I made it through this day let me finish it off doing the right thing and eating well. So that all sounds great right

....well by the end of the day I have either skipped a bunch of meals or felt so wonderful about my accomplishment that I REWARD myself and go off the deep end. How's that?

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